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CCP - Customer Invoice Troubleshooting
CCP - Customer Invoice Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting issues with invoices in Cloud Commerce Pro

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If you have a customer invoice with incorrect values, or the invoice was not created at all, often the best solution is to create a new one. This guide will walk you through the steps required to achieve that.


1. Admin Centre

From the Admin Centre in Cloud Commerce Pro, click the My Customers button.

2. Customer List

First of all we need to find the customer that the incorrect or missing invoice belongs to.

Use the search box provided to search on a whole host of different fields such as name, order number, invoice number etc.

Alternatively, simply browse for the customers name using the alphabetised menu bar.

3. Customer Details

Any recent orders for the customers can be found here.

Find the order that corresponds to the invoice you are having trouble with and click it to continue.

4. Order Details

From the Order Details screen, click the Edit Order button.

Please note, if you are not seeing this button it likely means the order has already been completed and dispatched so is no longer editable.

5. Order From Stock Screen

You will now arrive on the Order From Stock screen.

Click the View Order button to continue.

6. Order View

Here you can change the Order Reference in the top left which will create a new invoice. You can enter literally anything in the text box such as a simple full stop, some letters and numbers or something more memorable if you prefer.

After adding your new order reference, click the Complete button at the bottom.

7. Defer Payment

When asked if you would like to process a payment for the amended order, ensure you select NO.

8. Return To Customer Details

You will now be taken back to the customer details screen.

Click the View Accounts button to check your new invoice has been created.

9. Customer Accounts

Here you can see a new invoice has been created along with a credit note to ensure the account is balanced.

10. Return To Customer Details

If you need to print the new invoice, head back to the Customer Details screen and click on the order once more.

11. Print Invoice

From the Order Details screen, click the Print Invoice button.

As long as you are connected to Print Watch, this will send your new invoice to the print queue.

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