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CCP - Moving Warehouse Bays to Other Warehouses
CCP - Moving Warehouse Bays to Other Warehouses

How to move a warehouse bay from one warehouse to another in Cloud Commerce Pro

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This guide will walk you through the process of moving single or multiple warehouse bays from one warehouse to another.


1. Admin Centre

From the Admin Centre in Cloud Commerce Pro, click the Configuration button in the top right.

2. Configuration Menu

The configuration menu will pop out from the left of the screen.

Click Warehouse to drill into that section before clicking Warehouses.

3. Warehouse List

All of your warehouses will be listed here.

Find the warehouse you want to move bays from and click the Bays button beside it.

4. Warehouse Bays

The warehouse bays section lists all bays correctly associated with your chosen warehouse.

Select the bays you want to move using the check boxes beside their name. You can select as many as you need.

Finally, hover your mouse over the Actions tab to continue.

5. Actions Menu

On the drop down actions menu, click the Move To Warehouse button.

6. Move Bays to Warehouse

The move bays dialogue will display all of your warehouses and any restrictions on them that might effect your ability to move bays there.

Find the warehouse you would like to move your selected bays to and press the Move button beside it.

The system will load for an indeterminate amount of time depending on how much you are moving. Be sure to allow it adequate time to process.

7. Move Successful

A confirmation dialogue will show to inform you that the move was successful.

Click OK to go back to the original warehouse that you moved the bays from.

8. Return to Warehouse List

To check that everything moved over correctly, head back to the warehouse list from earlier and click the Bays button next to the warehouse you moved the other bays to.

9. View Bays in New Warehouse

Now you can see the bays you moved showing alphabetically under the new warehouse you choose earlier.

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