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CCP - Print Watch: Setup & Troubleshooting
CCP - Print Watch: Setup & Troubleshooting

How to use and troubleshoot the Printwatch bulk printing software

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Printwatch is a Windows 10 application provided by Cloud Commerce Pro to be

paired with your Cloud Commerce Pro account and aid in the bulk printing of

courier labels and documents without manual intervention.

In order to use Printwatch, you will need a PC with Windows 8, 8.1, 10 or 11 installed. Make sure Windows is up to date and Microsoft.NET framework 4.8 or later is installed.

How to update Windows 10: Update Windows 10

Where to find Microsoft .NET Framework: Download .NET Framework


1. Logging Into Printwatch

Please always run Printwatch from the Desktop shortcut created by the CCP

Implementation Specialist.

As seen below, type in your Username, Password and Customer ID respecting

capitalisation and always make sure you are logging in as the same user as the

current one running in CCP.

Please note, all instances of Printwatch must have a different user logged in. For example, if you have Printwatch installed at two different locations, you must NOT use both with the same login details, as this can cause issues with the print queue.

2. Configuration

The screen below is the first screen you normally see after you login to Printwatch. The red

horizontal line in the lower left corner signifies that currently, Printwatch will not

attempt to print any documents or labels from CCP.

To turn Printwatch On, click the red stripe and it will turn blue for On and

Green for when actively printing a document. To stop it again, click the same stripe

(now blue or green).


  • This screen displays where temporary CCP files are stored on your computer and you can change this location.

  • If your PC has an SSD (solid state drive) as storage, this will not make any difference in performance, however, on machines running HDD (hard disk drive) storage, changing the location to something like C:\Printwatch may improve performance. If you wish to find out what kind of storage your PC has, please check the manufacturers website with the exact model number.

  • Please ensure that the ”Perform Logging” box is ticked as this will record any errors.

3. Manage Printers

You can access this screen by clicking the “Manage Printers” link on the right side of

the App window. This is used to see what printers are currently assigned to be used

by Printwatch for your CCP account.

How to Add a Printer?

  • Go to the first dropdown under “Add a new Printer” and select your printer from the list.

  • With the second dropdown list, please specify which type of printer it is (A4, label and Secondary Label)

  • Click the “Add Printer” button

How to Remove a Printer?

  • Click the “Remove” blue text that corresponds to the printer you wish to remove.

What are the Different Printer Types?

  • Label refers to your thermal printer and is usually in a 6x4 format.

  • A4 is your printer made specifically for A4 size paper (can be used for Invoices/picking lists or integrated labels)

  • Secondary Label is for when specific couriers run a different size label or when you need to use a printer for a specific courier at all times. For example, DPD may run on 4x4 labels and you wish to use the dedicated DPD Citizen Printer.

Can I Have Two A4 Printers?

  • No. You will need to run Printwatch on a different PC in order to use a dedicated A4 printer for only some documents. For example, you want all A4 invoices to be printed by a specific printer.

My Printer is not in the List?

  • Check if it’s installed by pressing the Windows key and type “Printers” and selecting “Printers and Scanners”. Check if it can be found in the Windows setting Printers and scanners list. If not, you will need to install it according to the device user manual or find a youtube tutorial on how to do it for your printer model.

All the documents that are to be printed through Printwatch can be found in your

CCP account on the Print Queue screen, as shown below.

Explanation of the Print Queue Columns from Left to Right:

  • The green “tick” icon means that the document was printed successfully. If the icon is blue, it means that the document may not have printed yet, but is queued. Red icons indicate that there may have been a failure printing said document. Please note that it takes a few minutes for the icons to update, so it’s more reliable and recommended to physically check if documents have printed.

  • Trigger: This shows which action has been taken specifically to print a document. “ManualDispatchLabel”, for example, refers to the courier label, while the “Label” shows what format is to be expected to be produced.

  • Printed by: This shows the username of the person who generated that document.

  • File type: This shows the electronic format of the file that is to be printed

  • Order: Order number and name of the customer that is associated with the document.

  • Created: Shows the date and time the document has been generated.

  • Actions button: Gives additional actions to be performed with the document.

  • View: Open the electronic document in a new tab.

  • Transfer: If a document is generated under a different username than the person logged in, it will transfer ownership to the one currently used.

  • Cancel: This will cancel the document from printing. If the current user has ownership of the document, the “Cancel” button will be replaced by “Re-Print” which once clicked will print a copy of the document.

4. Troubleshooting

I cannot login:

Please check your username and password including capitalisation, it’s important.

Nothing Prints:

Please perform the following steps:

  • Log off and back on to both CCP and Printwatch, make sure the credentials used are the same on both. Retry printing.

If unsuccessful:

Please complete the following checks:

  • You are connected to the internet.

  • Windows is up to date and .NET Framework is installed.

  • The printers are connected and working.

  • There are no documents stuck in the Windows Print Queue. How to check Windows Print Queue: Click here.

  • Check if Windows firewall or your own antivirus software block Printwatch or CCP. For Windows firewall exceptions, click here. For other antivirus or firewall software that you use, please check the respective manual or their support team.

  • Check and compare the CCP Print Queue with the Printwatch Manage Printer panel and see if you have the right printer assigned. If you unplug printers, Windows may re-add them as “<Printer name> copy 1” and you will need to re-add the printers as described above. After re-adding the printers, log off/on to Printwatch and CCP.

If still unsuccessful, please contact CCP support.

5. FAQ:

Q1. Where can I download Printwatch from?
A1. Copy and paste the following into your web browser (clicking the link will not work):

Q2. Can I run it multiple times and have multiple users at the same time using one PC?

A2. No, Printwatch does not work in multiple instances.

Q3. Can I run it from Windows tablets?

A3. Yes, as long as the tablets do not have a processor that is ARM based. X86 or x64

CPU is needed (at the moment, Intel or AMD CPU).

Q4. Can I run it on Mac OS, Linux, Chrome OS, UNIX, Ubuntu, Android

A4. No, Only Windows 8, 8.1 or 10 are supported.

Q5. I got a new printer. Will CCP install it for me?

A5. We are not authorised to do so as your warranty may be voided. It is your responsibility to install new devices and ensure they work.

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