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CCP - Updating EPOS Till for PaymentSense V2
CCP - Updating EPOS Till for PaymentSense V2

How to upgrade your CCP Till EPOS system for use with PaymentSense V2 terminals

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This guide will walk you through the process of configuring your CCP Till EPOS system for use with the most current version of PaymentSense terminals.


1. Contact PaymentSense

First you must contact the support team at PaymentSense on 08000445935 and let them know you want to upgrade to the Cloud Commerce Pro version of PaymentSense.

It is important you stipulate that it is the Cloud Integration you require so it is clear they understand what integration you are using.

They will updates your terminals while on the call before supplying you with the information you require, which can be entered into the CCP Till application as detailed below.

2. CCP Till

Run the CCP Till application on your device as normal.

Click the Cog button in the top right corner to open the settings menu.

3. Settings

From the settings menu, click the Payment Devices button.

4. Select Device Type

First you must select the relevant device type before you continue.

In this instance we will click PaymentSenseV2 from the drop down list.

5. PaymentSense Options

After selecting the device type you will be presented with space to fill in more options about the integration.

Use the details provided by PaymentSense when you called them to fill in a Username, API Key and select the appropriate terminal.

  • Username: This will be given to you as the "URL" and will look something like "". Use the first part as your username, which in this example would be "pl856r230000".

  • API Key: This can be entered exactly as given by PaymentSense.

  • Terminal: After entering your username and API key, hit the "Test / Refresh Terminals" button. Your terminal should now be selectable from the "Terminal" drop down box and will match what PaymentSense supplied to you as the "TID".

Once you have these details in place, click the Save button to finish up.

6. Terminal Setup

The following steps can be followed to configure your payment terminal. If you are unsure which model of terminal you have, please contact our support team for assistance.

For the newest model working on Android:

  1. Go to Settings

  2. Enable Integrated payments

  3. Disable Non-Integrated payments

  4. Disable Gratuity

  5. Connect the terminal to your Wifi network

  6. In Integrated payments you also need to disable “Pay at table” and enable “Pay at counter”

For the IWL 250 Terminal:

You will need to perform a TMS Call on your card reader before the integration can be completed. This allows for any updates to be installed onto the card reader.

  1. Press the Menu button until you see the option for Supervisor

  2. Press F3 for Supervisor

  3. Enter your password (if you have not set up a password, you can try 123456 or 01483)

  4. Press Enter

  5. Press Menu again 6. Press F4 for Call TMS. The card reader will download any updates available. Once complete, the card reader will print a receipt to confirm this.

The card reader will then return back to the home screen.

Putting the card reader into Till Mode:

You will then need to put the card reader into Till Mode. This will allow the card reader to communicate with your till system.

  1. Press F4

  2. Enter your password (if you have not set up a password, you can try 123456 or 01483)

  3. Press Enter

  4. Press F1 for Standalone mode off/Till mode on

  5. Press Cancel

The card reader will then return back to the home screen.

If you have any issues when attempting to perform a TMS Call or putting the card reader into Till Mode, you will need to contact PaymentSense by calling 0800 103 2959.

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