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CCP - Amazon Customisation Control Panel
CCP - Amazon Customisation Control Panel

How to use the Amazon customisation control panel in Cloud Commerce Pro

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The Amazon customisation control panel allows you to see the details of customised product orders directly from the Order Dispatch screen in Cloud Commerce Pro.

For more information on selling customised products on Amazon, visit the link below:


1. Admin Centre

From the Admin Centre in Cloud Commerce Pro, click the Order Dispatch button.

2. Order Dispatch

On the Order Dispatch screen, navigate to an Amazon order that you know has customisation data.

Click the Customisation button to continue.

3. Amazon Customisation Control Panel

You will now be met by the Amazon customisation control panel.

Details of the customisation options can be found in the box under Text Customisation.

4. Copy Text & Download Zip

The text can be copied to the clipboard to be pasted elsewhere or downloaded as a zip file by pressing the respective buttons at the bottom of the panel.

5. Download Other Files

If the customisation contains additional files such as images in JPG format, an XML file or JSON (JavaScript Object Notation), these can be downloaded to your device by clicking their respective buttons on the right hand side of the panel.

6. Return to Order Dispatch Screen

Once you have finished working in the customisation control panel, simply click the OK button at the bottom to return to the Order Dispatch screen.

7. Custom Information on Templates

You can also display Amazon's custom information on your documentation such as invoices and picking lists.

This can be done by adding the following tag in the template editor:


For more general information about creating an editing your templates, check out the link below:

Your documents configured with the custom tag will display as shown below:

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