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CCP - Downloading EPOS Till Database for Support & Troubleshooting
CCP - Downloading EPOS Till Database for Support & Troubleshooting

Multiple ways to acquire a copy of the EPOS till database to be sent to the CCP support team for analysis

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If you are having issues with your EPOS till system, you may be asked by our specialist support team for a copy of the database and logs. This guide will walk you through two ways to do that.


Follow steps 1-5 if you are able to log into your till system. Step 6-10 will not be required.

If your EPOS till system will not run for any reason, please start at step 6 of this guide.

1. Log In

Log in to the CCP Till EPOS system as you normally would and click the Settings Cog in the top right corner.

2. Settings

From the settings menu, click the Support Packages button.

3. Create Support Package

As the dialogue box explains, this process will create a package which contains your till database and the relevant log files which can be used by Cloud Commerce Pro to diagnose issues you have be having.

Click the Create Package button to continue.

4. Confirmation

A message will show to confirm the support package has been created on your device.

Click the View Support Packages button to open the location of the package in Windows Explorer.

5. View Support Package

Your newly created support package will display as shown below as a ZIP file. There is no need to extract the contents of the ZIP file. Simply send this file to our dedicated support team as directed to help them diagnose the specific issues effecting your EPOS till system.

6. Locating Till Database Manually

If you have completed steps 1-5, there is no need to continue beyond this point.

When you find yourself unable to run the CCP Till EPOS software for any reason, you can still access a copy of the logs and database manually if required for troubleshooting and diagnostic purposes.

In Windows Explorer, navigate to the root directory of your hard drive. On most devices this is the default "C" drive, but this could be different on your device depending on how it was set up.

7. Root Directory

From the root directory, locate the folder named ccpTill and open it.

8. ccpTill Folder

Look for a folder called Logs and a file named ccp.epos.till. While holding the CTRL key, click each one to select them both before right clicking them.

9. Create Compressed Zip Folder

After right clicking, hover your mouse over Send to in the context menu and click Compressed (zipped) folder.

10. Name & Send Zip Folder

Give your new zip folder a memorable name.

You can now send this to our dedicated support team to help diagnose your EPOS issues.

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