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CCP - Data - Adding Barcodes/additional barcodes to Products
CCP - Data - Adding Barcodes/additional barcodes to Products

How to add barcodes to products in bulk via spreadsheet in Cloud Commerce Pro

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This guide will walk you through the process of using the product import feature of Cloud Commerce Pro to add barcodes to your products via spreadsheet. This is the simplest way to add large amounts of barcodes at once.


1. Admin Centre

From the Admin Centre in Cloud Commerce Pro, click the Products button.

2. Product Ranges

On the Product Ranges screen, click the Exports button to continue.

3. Product Exports

Here we can generate an export of your product inventory in spreadsheet form. It is best practice to produce a new export when making any changes to ensure you are working from the most up to date product data.

Click the Export Products button.

4. Actions Menu

Once generated, your spreadsheet will show at the top of the exported list.

Hover your mouse over the Actions tab and click Download Spreadsheet.

Save your spreadsheet to your device and give it a memorable name so you can distinguish it from any other files and spreadsheets you might be working on.

5. Product Spreadsheet

Open your spreadsheet from your device in your preferred editing software (Microsoft Excel, LibreOffice Calc, Google Sheets etc).

You can work from the full spreadsheet if you wish. Alternatively, you can copy the headers to a fresh blank spreadsheet and then copy only the products you want to add barcodes to over. This is the safest way to work as it removes the possibility of making changes to your other products accidentally.

To add your barcodes, find the VAR_Barcodes column. Barcodes can be added here against any of your products as shown below.

If a product has multiple barcodes, these should be separated by a comma with NO spaces. For example:


Once you have added your new barcodes, save the spreadsheet to your device once more.

6. Return to Product Ranges

Head back to Cloud Commerce Pro and the Product Ranges screen.

This time click the Imports button.

7. Product Imports

We now need to bring your edited spreadsheet with your new barcodes back into Cloud Commerce Pro so we can use it to apply those barcodes to the relevant products.

Click the Upload Spreadsheet button, find your saved spreadsheet on your device and select it.

8. Use Spreadsheet

Your newly uploaded spreadsheet will appear at the top of the list.

Click the box under Use to mark this spreadsheet as the one you want to use for the importation process.

9. Import Variations

Scroll down the Product Export screen until you reach Step 5: Variation Import.

Click the Import Variations button to begin the process.

Once the status changes to Complete, the importation is over. If there were any errors, these will be listed here so you can more easily diagnose the cause.

(It is worth noting that you can also add any barcodes or additional barcodes via the product page)

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