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CCP - Using Shopify Line Item Properties as Gift Messages
CCP - Using Shopify Line Item Properties as Gift Messages
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Line item properties are used to collect customisation information in Shopify for an item added to the cart. This can be collected from the buyer on the product page and used to show a variety of information.

Since this information can represent many different things, this guide will show you how to configure Cloud Commerce Pro to use your Shopify customisation data as a gift message.


1. Admin Centre

From the Admin Centre in Cloud Commerce Pro, click the Configuration button.

2. Configuration Menu

From the pop-out menu on the left of the screen, first click Selling to drill into that section. Scroll down to Shopify and click that to drill in further, before finally clicking Accounts.

3. Shopify Accounts

On the Shopify Accounts screen you will notice a check box next to "Gift Message From Line Item Properties".

Check this box to have Cloud Commerce Pro assume all custom data from Shopify should be used as gift messages.

If you have multiple Shopify accounts they will display here. Each account you want to use these gift messages on must have it selected individually.

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