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CCP - Message Centre: Adding Message Classification Rules
CCP - Message Centre: Adding Message Classification Rules

Adding & configuring message classification rules in Cloud Commerce Pro

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Message classification rules look at the subject of an email in order to assign it to a certain group. Message source and classification rules are used together to direct automation such as auto reply rules and message templates which ensures they are used at the correct times.


1. Admin Centre

From the Admin Centre in Cloud Commerce Pro, click the Configuration button.

2. Configuration Menu

On the pop-out configuration menu to the left of the screen, first click Message Centre to drill into that section. Finally, click Message Classification Rules.

3. Message Classification Rules

Your currently configured classification rules will be listed here.

If you need to delete any rules, click the trash can button beside it.

4. Adding New Rules

To add a new rule, scroll to the bottom of the screen and click the Add New Rule button.

5. Setting the Variable

Enter the variable from an emails subject line that you want to use for classification. For example you might want all emails that contain the word “Return” to be classified as “Returns”.

6. Setting the Classification

Select what you want the above to be classified as:

  • All Types

  • Internal

  • Order Cancellation

  • Order Query

  • Product Query

  • Resolution Case

  • Returns

  • Unknown

7. Save Your Rule

Once you are happy with your configuration, click the Save button to finalise your choices.

8. View Rule

Your new rule will now display in the list with any other rules that were created previously.

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