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CCP - Adding & Updating Product Weights & Dimensions in Bulk
CCP - Adding & Updating Product Weights & Dimensions in Bulk

How to assign weight values and dimensions to your products in bulk using Cloud Commerce Pro

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This guide will take you through the process of adding or updating the weight and dimension values assigned to your products in bulk via spreadsheet.

Getting your weights and dimensions right is an imperative part of e-commerce inventory management. Failure to do so can delay consignments and lead to extra charges.


1. Admin Centre

From the Admin Centre in Cloud Commerce Pro, click the Products button.

2. Product Ranges

On the Product Ranges screen, click the Exports button.

3. Product Exports

When working with products in bulk it is always best practice to work from a freshly generated spreadsheet.

From the Products Exports screen, click the Export Products button to generate an export of your entire inventory.

4. Actions Menu

Your export will appear at the top of the list of exported items.

Hover over the Actions Menu beside your export and click Download Spreadsheet.

Save the spreadsheet to your device. Feel free to rename it to something easier to remember.

5. Spreadsheet

From your device, open your saved spreadsheet using your preferred software such as Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets or LibreOffice Calc.

If you only want to work on certain products, you can copy and paste them into a blank spreadsheet along with the headers. This is will also save time when uploading them back into the system and ensures you don't accidentally change products you did not intend to.

Navigate to the header titled VAR_Weight. These are your product weights in grams. So if your product weights 1.2kg you were enter "1200" on the spreadsheet to represent 1200g.

Change or add as many weights as you require, ensuring they are as accurate as possible.

Your product dimensions can also be changed. Find the headers VAR_Length, VAR_Height and VAR_Width. These dimensions are always entered as millimetres.

When you are happy with them all, save your spreadsheet to your device and head back to Cloud Commerce Pro.

6. Return to the Product Ranges Screen

Navigate back to the Product Ranges screen from earlier and press the Imports button.

7. Upload Spreadsheet

Click the Upload Spreadsheet button and select the spreadsheet you just made changes to on your device.

8. Use Spreadsheet

Once uploaded your new spreadsheet will appear at the top of the list.

Click the checkbox under "Use" to mark this specific spreadsheet as the one to use for your import.

9. Import Step

Scroll down the import steps and find Step 5: Variations Import.

Click the Import Variations button to begin importing the information from your new spreadsheet.

If the spreadsheet is large, this can take some time, so feel free to leave it running while you do other things.

Once it has finished it will show "Complete" under Status. If any errors have occurred, they will be listed here along with the SKU's of the products involved so you can easily track them down and fix them.

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