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CCP - Adding & Updating Product Weights & Dimensions Manually
CCP - Adding & Updating Product Weights & Dimensions Manually

How to assign weight values and dimensions to your products manually using Cloud Commerce Pro

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This guide will take you through the process of adding or updating the weight and dimension values assigned to your products manually in your Cloud Commerce Pro system.

Getting your weights and dimensions right is an imperative part of e-commerce inventory management. Failure to do so can delay consignments and lead to extra charges.


1. Admin Centre

From the Admin Centre in Cloud Commerce Pro, click the Products button.

2. Product Ranges Screen

On the Product Ranges screen, find the product you want to edit using either the search button or browsing for them in the list.

3. Product Range

After selecting you product range, click the variation you want to make an edit to.

All weights and dimensions are set on a variation by variation basis as they can physically differ from one another.

4. Product Variation

From the product variation screen, click the Edit button.

5. Edit Mode

You are now in edit mode where all the various attributes of this variation can be altered.

Weights can be changed and should be entered in grams. For example, a 2KG product would be input as "2000" to denote 2000g.

Height, length and width can also be edited here and should be input in millimetres.

6. Saving

After making your changes, you must save before continuing.

Click the Save button located where the Edit button was previously.

After saving you can safely move on to other variations and other ranges to make any more changes required.

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