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How to create and use Ad Hoc Discounts

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Ad Hoc Discounts are created when you manually adjust net/gross discounts when making an order from stock.


1. Admin Centre

From the Admin Centre in Cloud Commerce Pro, click the My Customers button.

2. Selecting a Customer

From the customer list, click on the Customer you wish to place an order for.

3. Starting an Order from Stock

Once on the Customer Details page, click Place Order.

It may show as Order from Stock.

4. Adding Items to your Basket

Add a product to your basket.

5. Viewing your Basket

Click View Order and this will then take you to your basket.

6. Creating an Ad Hoc Discount

Here you can edit the discount amount.

For example, this product is current set to 0 discount, therefore the net / gross price remain the same.

Click on the discount you wish to change (This can be net or gross) and then insert the new discount and click apply.

For this example we are applying a 10% Discount.

7. Completing the Order

Click on Complete to place your order with your new price override.

8. Reusing Ad Hoc Discounts

You will now need to re-create this order on the same customer with the same product.

Once you have done this, you will now see a small info icon next to your Gross Price.

Click on this to see the discount information. From here you can then use the discount again by pressing the Yes button.

9. Viewing Ad Hoc Discounts

To view your Ad hoc Discounts, you can look in 3 places.

1. Order From Stock Screen

2. Customer Details Page

3. Discounts page

To go to this page, go to Admin Centre and click on Discounts

Click the Ad Hoc Discounts tab and you will now see the Ad hoc Discount you have created.

10. Deleting Ad Hoc Discounts

To delete Ad hoc Discounts you can do this in the following areas:

1. Customer Details Page

Click on View/Edit Discounts.

This will take you to the discount's page, where you can then delete the Ad hoc Discount

2. Discounts Page

When in Admin Centre click on Discounts.

This will take you to the discount's page, where you can then delete the Ad hoc Discount.

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