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CCP - Order Importer: System Requirements
CCP - Order Importer: System Requirements

Minimum system requirements for the Order Importer

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The supported system requirements are:-

  • Windows 10 (excluding Virtual Machines)

  • Permanent internet connection

The Order Importer is an executable file and thus may be picked up by Anti-virus software, this should be taken into consideration if the file disappears or is restricted.

The executable is a stand alone application that does not require a traditional install, thus it may appear to work on older Windows systems if it was attempted. However, as it was developed on Windows 10, this is the only operating system we will officially support.

A note about using the Order Importer on Virtual Machines

Virtual Machines running Windows 10 may also appear to run the application in that it will likely open and you can appear to interact with it. However, as the reason for running a virtual machine is likely because there are no physical Windows 10 machines available to run the application on, it is assumed that they are actually emulated versions of Windows 10; which could behave very differently depending on both the software and the hardware used to run the virtual machine.

Therefore we can not reliably support a Virtual Machine if it does not work as intended.

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