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CCP - Setting Sales Channel Currency for Customs Declarations (CN 23)
CCP - Setting Sales Channel Currency for Customs Declarations (CN 23)

How to set a specific currency on any sales channel

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In Cloud Commerce Pro, each sales channel you set up will be specific to the country the goods typically ship to. If the channel will be shipping internationally, orders will require a customs declaration such as a CN 22 or CN 23. It is important the sales channel is set to the currency you expect your customers to pay in so that the currency is correctly noted on your customs declaration.


1. Admin Centre

From the Admin Centre in Cloud Commerce Pro, click the Selling button.

2. Select Sales Channel

Select the sales channel you want to edit the currency of from the sales channel list.

3. Open Settings Menu

Click the Settings button near the top of the channel to open the settings menu.

4. Edit Channel Currency

The settings shown here will differ depending on which sales channel you are editing, but they will all contain a drop down box for both invoice currency and payment currency.

Use the drop down boxes provided to set the correct currency for you sales channel. For example, a UK channel would use GBP, a French channel EUR and an Australian channel AUD etc.

Ensure you click the Save Settings button before navigating away from the settings menu or your changes will be lost.

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