CCP - Message Centre: Ignore Rules

Adding & configuring message ignore rules for the message centre in Cloud Commerce Pro

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Message centres ignore rules are used to ignore certain messages, so your inbox does not get spammed with emails such as Order confirmations or junk mail.


1. Admin Centre

From the Admin Centre in Cloud Commerce Pro, click the Configuration button

2. Configuration

From the Configuration menu on the left of the screen, first click Message Centre to drill into that section. Then click Message Ignore Rules.

3. Message Ignore Rules

Any existing message ignore rules will display here. These can be deleted by pressing the trash can button if required.

To add the default rules, click the Add Default Rules button.

To apply all your rules to your current messages, click the Apply Rules Now button.

Then we can begin adding a new rule, to do this, click the Add New Rule button.

4. Adding an Ignore Rule

Here, we can select either the Email Address or the Subject we want to add to the ignore rules.

In the example below, we will ignore all Emails that come in from "" and has the subject of "Please Ignore"

5. Save Your Rule

Once you are happy with your configuration, click the Save button to finalise your choices.

6. View Rule

Your new rule will now display in the list with any other rules that were created previously.

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