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Adding & configuring message reply timer rules for the message centre in Cloud Commerce Pro

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Reply timers in message centre are to add deadlines to when a message is required to have a response.


1. Admin Centre

From the Admin Centre in Cloud Commerce Pro, click the Configuration button.

2. Configuration

From the Configuration menu on the left of the screen, first click Message Centre to drill into that section. Then click Reply Timers.

3. Reply Timers

Any existing message reply timers will display here. These can be deleted by pressing the trash can button if required.

To begin adding a new rule, click the Add New Rule button.

4. Configuring Reply Timer Rule

1. First thing you need to select is your Message Source, which will define where the email will be coming from for this timer to be applied:

  • Priority Sender

  • eBay

  • Amazon

  • Market Place

  • Trade Partner

  • Customer

  • Internal

2. Next thing is selecting the Message Type, this will define which type of message this timer will apply to:

  • Order Query

  • Order Cancellation

  • Returns

  • Product Query

  • Internal

3. Select the amount of hours to wait before a reply is required.

This can be set between 0 and 72 hours.

5. Save Your Rule

Once you are happy with your configuration, click the Save button to finalise your choices.

6. View Rule

Your new rule will now display in the list with any other rules that were created previously.

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