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CCP - Reports - Aged Debtors Report
CCP - Reports - Aged Debtors Report

This report will show you any outstanding balances which your customers may have against their account in your system.

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Aged debtor reports are primarily used to check any outstanding balances against a customer's account.


1. Admin Centre

From the Admin centre in Cloud Commerce Pro, head into the reports section.

2. Reports Screen

Once in the reports section, click on the report titled - Aged Debtors Report.

3. Search for Customer

Click the Search button to open the search modal.

Use the text box to type your search query and the drop down boxes to select what type of information you will be searching on.

The drop down on the right allows you to select between trade and retail customers.

The drop down on the left gives you the following types to search against:

  • Name

  • Email

  • Postcode

  • Order Number

  • Invoice Number

  • eBay User ID

  • Tracking Number

  • Amazon Order Number

Once you have configured your search, click the Go button. This will populate a list of potential hits below which you can select from.

4. View or Export Report

Once you have entered the customers name, you have the option to view the report on your screen by clicking the View Report button.

Alternatively, click the Export Report button to export the information into a spreadsheet.

Both methods will show the same results.

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