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CCP - Using Packaging types on the Order Dispatch Page
CCP - Using Packaging types on the Order Dispatch Page

Dispatching on the Order Dispatch page using your Packaging Types

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How to dispatch using your packaging type on the dispatch page.


1. Admin Centre

From the Admin Centre in Cloud Commerce Pro, click the Order Dispatch button.

2. Dispatch Page

Once on the dispatch page, find an order you want to use your packaging type on.

3. Order

On your order, click the Details button.

4. Selecting Your Packaging Type

Now select from the Packaging Type drop down menu which packaging type you want to select for your order.

5. Dispatching Order Using Packaging Type

To dispatch your order with the packaging type, insert the stock you wish to dispatch and click the Complete Order button.

This will the dispatch your order and use your packaging type.

For the example below, this will add 2 additional labels on your shipment and also 100gm to your order.

Please note:
Additional Labels DO NOT work with every courier. Please check with our dedicated support team if you are unsure.

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