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CCP - Reports - Bay Stock Levels Report
CCP - Reports - Bay Stock Levels Report

This report will show you the number of stock you have against a certain warehouse bay (Product location)

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Bay stock level reports are primarily used when you are wanting to view the amount of stock against a location, complete a stock take or to order new stock in.


1. Admin Centre

From the Admin centre in Cloud Commerce Pro, click the Reports button.

2. Reports Screen

Once in the reports section, click on the report titled - Bay Stock Levels Report.

3. Search for SKU

This report will then show you a search field where you have the the option to enter an SKU.

You will also see a dropdown box presenting the option to select "All Bays" or a specific one.

Use these options to filter for the correct results.

4. View or Export Report

If you search for an SKU, the results will display in the list below right away.

When using the warehouse bay drop down filters, click the View Reports button to populate the report on screen.

Any results displayed can be exported to a spreadsheet and saved by clicking the Export Report button.

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