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CCP - Reports - Customer Statement
CCP - Reports - Customer Statement

This report will show you the statements for each of your customer accounts

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The customer statement report is mainly for accounts or trade purposes, as this gives a clear indication to any statements a customer may have on their account.


1. Admin Centre

From the Admin centre in Cloud Commerce Pro, click the Reports button.

2. Reports Screen

Once in the reports section, click on the report titled - Customer Statement Report.

3. Search for a Customer

When in the report, you will see the option to search for a customers name, use this field to type in the name of the customer who's statement you wish to view.

The report will then show a number of filters:

  • Search for a customer - ability to search for a customers name

  • Sales channels - Select a sales channel or choose the default option of All channels

  • Customers with outstanding - Gives the option to show outstanding customers or ALL

  • Order By - Gives you the option of what you would like to order the report by

4. View or Export Report

Once you have entered the customers name and applied the relevant filters, you have the option to view the report on your screen by clicking the View Report button.

Alternatively, click the Export Report button to export the information into a spreadsheet.

Both methods will show the same results.

There is also a further option called Download Exports which shows you any reports which have previously been downloaded

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