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CCP - Reports - Rate of Sales & Stock Levels
CCP - Reports - Rate of Sales & Stock Levels

This report will show you an overview of the number of sales you have had on a certain product over a certain time period

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Why may I want to View this report? - To see which products are selling out, and also using it as a tool to order in new stock


1. Admin Centre

From the Admin centre in Cloud Commerce Pro, click the Reports button.

2. Reports Screen

Once in the reports section, click on the report titled - Rate of Sales and Stock Levels.

3. Configuring the Fields

Once you have clicked into the report, you will see a number of filters which can be applied against your report.

These are as follows:

  • Date from and to - The date range of when you would like to view the results for

  • Date range - Pre selected time period

  • Order By - What you want to arrange the report based on

  • Asc/Desc - Whether you want the report information ascending or descending

  • Master option - If you want to apply it to a specific option

  • No. Sales view - Whether you wish to include any sales

  • Sales channel - If you want to view a specific sales channel

  • ALL/FBA sales - Whether you want to show FBA listings

  • Supplier - If you want to see a specific product supplier

  • End of Line - If you want to view end of line products or ALL

  • View By - Whether you wish to view by Range or product SKU

4. View or Export Report

Once you have applied the relevant filters, you have the option to view the report on your screen by clicking the View Report button.

Alternatively, click the Export Report button to export the information into a spreadsheet.

Both methods will show the same results.

The other option is Download Exports which will show you a backlog of any reports which have been previously exported.

5. Understanding the Report

Once you are in the report whether that by viewing or exporting, you will see a breakdown of information.

Depending on what filters have been selected, it will show the Product details along with information on the sales and and stock.

The Cover is a suggestion the system makes based upon how many sales you have had during the time period and when the system thinks you will run out of stock.

It is worth noting that this may not be 100% as it goes off a time frame.

6. Raising a Purchase Order Through the Report

One of the useful things about this report is that you can place a PO (Purchase Order) based on the information such as when the system thinks you will run out of stock.

This is done by toggling the dropdown for the range, which will then show you the product SKU along with the option to order a QTY (Quantity).

Once this has been entered, a PO will automatically be created, however it will still need your authorisation prior to sending.

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