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CCP - Open API: Getting the Invoice for an Order
CCP - Open API: Getting the Invoice for an Order

Using the API to get the details of an invoice against an order

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The getInvoiceSummaryForOrderID function can:-

  • get the details of the invoice for an order ID

If successful it will return an Invoice object showing the financials on the order which includes:-

  • Content > ID the InvoiceID you will need to pay the invoice

  • Content > NetAmount the calculated net value of the order

  • Content > VATAmount the calculated VAT against the order

  • Content > Amount the total value of the invoice

  • Content > AmountPaid the value paid against the invoice

Tips and Recommendations when using this function

  • Pass in the OrderID returned from the SubmitOrder function as the Content for the function

  • Likely only to return the first invoice that it finds, so you may find issues trying to get the invoice you need via the API if for some reason there is more than one invoice against an order.

  • If the InvoiceID returned is 0, then no Invoice was found against the customer, this is typical for orders placed against a Trade customer

  • While this function does look like it could return a ProformaID, there are no functions available to pay Proformas via the API and it doesn't look to be populated given it was designed to return invoice details.


All requests for this function need to go to the following endpoint:


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