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CCP - Printing Product Barcodes
CCP - Printing Product Barcodes

Printing Barcodes from your products

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This guide will inform you on how to print barcodes directly.


1. Admin Centre

From the Admin Centre in Cloud Commerce Pro, click the Products button.

2. Products

When on the product ranges page, click the Search button, enter your SKU and then this will take you to the product page for this SKU.

3. Print Barcodes

When on the product page, hover over the Actions button and click Print Barcodes.

4. Selecting Your Barcode

Here, you can select the exact way you want your barcode to come out.

If you have additional Barcodes, you can select those from the dropdown on the right.

You can then select the Barcode Tag, this will change what information is showing under your Barcode.

Example: Showing Barcode, Number, Name and options

Now select your Barcode Size, Print Type and how many barcodes you would like to print.

Furthermore, you can also select Reflect Stock Level, and this will print enough labels for the amount of stock you have for this product.

Example: If you have 40 stock, it will print 40 barcodes.

5. Printing Your Barcodes

When you are ready to print your Barcodes, click on the Print button.

This will then pop up for you to Print or save as a PDF.

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