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CCP - Open API: Getting Detailed Information About a Product by SKU
CCP - Open API: Getting Detailed Information About a Product by SKU

Using the API to get all the information that relates to a SKU

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The getProductByManufacturerSKU function can:-

  • get detailed information about the product, including all product options

  • get suppliers related to a product

  • get channels related to a product

  • get warehouse quantities (complex warehouses only)

The getProductByManufacturerSKU function will return a Product object which includes:-

  • Content > SupplierProductLinks - information that relates to supplier price and SKU for each supplier linked to the product

  • Content > SelectedProductRangeOptionValues - information about all the options for this particular variation of the product

  • Content > images - information about the images against the product

  • Content > SalesChannelLinks - pricing information for all the channels the product is linked to

  • Content > StockLocations - likely only populated or useful for those using Complex warehousing, returns a list of bays and their associated quantities

  • Other general properties regarding product also returned.

Tips and Recommendations when using this function

  • Pass in the SKU as the value for the content node

  • While the name of the function hints at being able to pass in the SupplierSKU - use the actual SKU for the product to get the expected results


All requests for this function need to go to the following endpoint:


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