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CCP - Reports - Returns Report
CCP - Reports - Returns Report

This report will show you which returns have been processed via the system over a certain period of time

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Why may I want to view this report? - To see which products have been returned in one screen as opposed to looking at orders individually.


1. Admin Centre

From the Admin centre in Cloud Commerce Pro, click the Reports button.

2. Reports Screen

Once in the reports section, click on the report titled - Returns Report.

3. Applying a Date

Once you have entered the report, you will have an option to select a date to and from, or a pre-selected time frame if that is better suited.

4. Exporting the Report

Once you have the information, you will see two buttons. One called Export Report, the other for Download Exports

The Export Report option will allow you to export onto a CSV file. The Download Exports option will show you all exports which have previously been downloaded.

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