The getOrderDetailsById function can:-

  • get the details of an order for a given order ID

If successful it will return a generic response containing nodes relating to the context of a single order, useful values include:-

  • Content > APIOrderItems a list of ccpCustomerOrderItems which contain information for the order lines

  • Content > customer the customer record associated with the order

  • Content > order the values relating to the order as a whole, including financial totals and order references

  • Content > ShippingAddress the shipping address

  • Content > APIOrderBillingAddress the billing address

  • Content > CourierSelection courier information relating to the order

  • Content > CourierServiceRule the courier rule associated with the order

  • Content > CustomerOrderDispatches details of dispatches recorded against the order

  • Content > CustomerOrderShipments details of shipments recorded against the order

Tips and Recommendations when using this function

  • Pass in a single OrderID returned from any function that returns a list of CCP order IDs as the Content for the function


All requests for this function need to go to the following endpoint:


Link to function in API docs

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