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CCP - Reports - Volumetric Stock Report
CCP - Reports - Volumetric Stock Report

This report will show the physical volume of stock which you have in the system. This has two breakdowns, Ranges and SKUs

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Why may I want to view this report? - For shipping purposes. Moving

around the warehouse or for general knowledge.


1. Admin Centre

From the Admin centre in Cloud Commerce Pro, click the Reports button.

2. Reports Screen

Once in the reports section, click on the report titled - Volumetric Stock Report.

3. Apply a Dropdown

Once you are in the report, you will have the option to select a dropdown showing only items with stock or ALL items.

4. Viewing or Exporting the Report

Once you have selected the relevant dropdown, you will have the option to view, export and download the report.

This will either present the results on screen, export them into a CSV file or give you the option to view any reports which have previously been downloaded.

5. Report breakdown

Once in the report, you will notice this displays in ranges.

If you wish to view the report by SKU, you will need to press the more option next to the range data.

These can be toggled by selecting the more, or less option if you are already on the product SKU level.

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