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CCP - Data - Adding Products to a Telephone Sales Channel Manually
CCP - Data - Adding Products to a Telephone Sales Channel Manually

This guide will show you how to make your products available on a certain sales channel for customers to purchase

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Why may I want to do this? - If you are looking to sell products via a telephone channel or just wish to have a channel to manually sell from, this guide will teach you how to manually add products which customers can then purchase.

1. Head to the Telephone Sales Channel

From the main admin centre, head into the selling section.

This will display your selling channels which you have setup in CCP.

Select the channel you wish to add products against.

2. Searching for the Products

Once you are in the sales channel, you will notice a search bar at the top of the page.

This can be used to search for a specific SKU.

If you are not looking for any specific SKU, you can view the products by their master option (The option you have the products arranged by, i.e category).

3. Adding the Product to the Channel

Once you have found the product, providing that it is not already on the channel, you will see a button which reads 'Create Range Listing'.

Pressing this button will open up the range where you can tick any variations you wish to add to the channel.

You will also have the ability to apply Pseudo stock (An artificial stock level) and also any specific prices if these differentiate to your base price.

Once you are happy with the variations ticked, press save to complete.

4. Viewing the Products or Making Amendments

Once you click into a master option dropdown, you will notice a toggle in the right corner which reads 'Included' and 'Excluded'.

These options will show you what products are included and have been added to the channel already, whereas excluded will show you what products are in the system, but not on this channel (These can be added).

Once the product range has been added, you will then have the ability to change any prices, remove the product, or get a stock report.

This can be done by clicking the following buttons.

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