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CCP - Data - Adding Products to a Telephone Orders Channel in Bulk
CCP - Data - Adding Products to a Telephone Orders Channel in Bulk

This guide will show you to populate your telephone orders channel with product data in bulk

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Why may I want to use this guide? - If you have a lot of products you wish to add to a sales channel in bulk as oppose to adding them one by one, this will teach you the process of doing this in the quickest way.

1. Head into the Products Section

From the Admin Centre menu in Cloud Commerce Pro, click the Products button.

2. Exporting the file

It is likely you already have some products in Cloud Commerce Pro if you are following this guide. This means we can take an export of what you have to act as a template for your new products.

Click the Exports button on the product ranges screen.

If you want to make sure you template will have the most up to date information, click the "Export Products" button to generate a fresh export of your inventory. Your new export will appear at the top of the list.

3. Viewing and Removing the Data

Once you are in the export, you will have to decide which products from the file you would like adding to the channel and which ones you would like removing.

This is as simple as just removing the product lines from the spreadsheet that you do not want to show on the channel.

This is done by selecting a number from the side, right clicking on your mouse and using the delete option.

You can also select multiple lines to remove by dragging the curser across multiple product lines.

4. Applying the Correct Prices

Once you are happy with the products that are on the file, you can apply any prices or replace any prices if you wish for them to have a unique price on the channel

These will not change elsewhere in the system

5. Saving and Uploading the File

Once you are happy with the file, press the save option in the left top corner and save the file to your desktop.

You can then head into the Imports section. This can be found by going into products from the main admin centre > Imports.

Once in the imports screen, you will need to upload the file by pressing the Upload spreadsheet option.

Once the file has been uploaded, you will see it appear in the uploads section, tick the file and head down to step 13 - Add products to a sales channel.

Press step 13 and select the sales channel you wish to apply the data against.

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