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CCP - Warehouse - Creating a Warehouse
CCP - Warehouse - Creating a Warehouse

This guide will show you how to create a warehouse in CCP, this can be used to help manage the stock within your system

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Why may I want to view this guide? - This guide will allow you to separate the stock into different locations making it easier to manage stock, especially which you may have in different locations.

1. Head into Configuration

From the main admin centre, click the configuration button in the right top corner. This will take you to the configuration settings against your CCP system.

2. Click into the Warehouse Section

Once you are in the configuration settings, click into the warehouse section and select the option which reads Warehouses.

3. Adding a Warehouse

Once you have clicked into the warehouses section, this will display any warehouses previously set up and also has the ability to create a new warehouse. This can be done by pressing the Add Warehouse option.

4. Press Save to Complete

Once you have given the warehouse a name, you can give it a summary if you wish along with the type of warehouse, whether this be in house or external. Following this, hit the save button to save your warehouse.

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