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CCP - Accounts - How does a QuickBooks Accounts Integration Work?
CCP - Accounts - How does a QuickBooks Accounts Integration Work?

A detailed look at the QuickBooks accounts integration for Cloud Commerce Pro

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Looking at adding the QuickBooks Accounts Integration to your CCP system? Here’s a guide as to what our integration will do and how it works.

Connecting your QuickBooks

To connect your QuickBooks to CCP we will only require your QuickBooks Company ID and Start Date. Once we have this information, we just need to be authorised to have access and become an active ‘App’ within your QuickBooks.

Please note there is no limitations with the QuickBooks integration in terms of transaction volumes.

Start Date Guidelines

Your start date for the integration can NOT be back dated. Once the integration is activated, from that point onwards it will start sending over your transactions. If you choose a date in the future it will start first thing in the morning capturing the full day and onwards. If you choose the same date as the day you are going live, it will only send over transactions from the point you activate.

We usually advise to start the 1st of a month for a clear-cut over.

Where do we post your transactions?

In CCP you have full control on where to post your transactions and this can be amended at any time. Once we have connected your QuickBooks account we pull through your QuickBooks ‘Service’ items only for your Sales and any bank accounts setup for payments. We will advise how to set up service items within the setup process.

We configure the accounts PER channel and for each channel you can select 1 sales code, an option to split out postage and packaging, an option to split out FBA (only if applicable) and a default bank account for the most common method.

We also have the option to configure PER channel the following payment methods which you will see within the system payment options: Cash, Card, Cheque and BACS. There is only a facility for 1 account code for each of these payment methods but these do not have to be activated if not used or applicable to the channel.

If a CCP compatible payment gateway is enabled on the specific channel you are configuring, there will be an option to add an account code for those also, for example Stripe and PayPal.

Multi - Currency Channels

If you have any channels in CCP that are not GBP, then currently they will be stored in CCP in the currency of the channel. When the transactions post to QuickBooks, there is an option PER channel to convert these transactions to GBP or send over to QuickBooks in the currency they are in.

To be able to sent them over without converting to GBP, you will need a bank account set up in QuickBooks for that specific currency as QuickBooks does not allow for multicurrency customer or bank accounts.

We are limited to the following currencies EUR, USD, AUD, CAD and JPY.

What transactions do we post to QuickBooks?

We post Invoices, Payments, Credit Notes, Refunds and Allocations to the accounting package, all of which would have been created in the ‘View Accounts’ screens of your customers from either a trigger in the system or by manually being added.

Please note we do NOT post anything related to purchase orders for the accounts integrations.

Where are do I find these transactions in Cloud Commerce?

Open up your admin centre and select the ‘My Customers’ button, select any customer to see their account details and find a ‘View Accounts' button on the top right. Our Integration will post any transactions created within this page.

The customer account will be created in QuickBooks and any transactions created within the ‘View Accounts’ screen for that customer will be what sends over to the accounts package, it is a live API so it will post real time.

If you have an EPOS till integrated with our system this is counted as 1 customer and will post the individual transactions on 1 account in QuickBooks rather than create a new customer every time.

Please note: We are not able to post transactions by channel in bulk, they have to be created on individual customer accounts.

It is important to know that once the transactions have been placed on the accounts in CCP it will send to QB almost instantly, therefore if an error is made in CCP and it is altered or removed by a support member the same needs to be done in QuickBooks to maintain accuracy between both platforms.

What will this look like in CCP and Quickbooks?

What is included on the invoices?

  • We send over the invoice date as seen in CCP

  • We post each line item to the service code set up against the channel in the configuration settings

  • We post the line item description as seen in CCP on the order and invoice

  • We include the order number in the ‘message on statement’ section to help reference to CCP

  • The invoice number allocated will run in line with your sequential sequence that already exists in your Quickbooks

  • We do NOT send over SKU’s associated to the line items

  • We do NOT send over any stock as part of the invoice or any aspect of the accounts integration

If you have any further questions not covered in this guide please do not hesitate to ask

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