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CCP - Message Centre - How do I verify my email address?
CCP - Message Centre - How do I verify my email address?
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Why may I want to view this guide? - This guide will show you how you can verify an email address within CCP

1. Head into the configuration section

From the main admin centre, you can head into the configuration section where you will find the settings for your email account and the CCP message centre

2. Click into the exchange accounts section

Once you are in the configurations tab, you will see an option for the message centre within the dropdown list on the left, click into the message centre section followed by the exchange accounts which sits at the top of the list

3. Adding/verifying the account details

Now that you are in the exchange account section, you can look at adding the account details, these are as follows;

  • Account Alias - This is an alternative name/alias which you can give to the email account

  • Email - The email address you wish to link with CCP

  • Password - The password of the email you wish to link with CCP

  • EWS url - The EWS is the exchange link to the email url

  • Status - The status of the account whether it is connected or failed. This will show either a green tick or a red cross

The screenshot below shows 2 account set ups, one is correct, the other is not due to missing information

4. Verifying the account

Once you have set up the email in CCP, this then needs be verified on the channel. I.e. Amazon or eBay. This can be done by heading into the settings of your account. There are two links below which cover the verification of the emails;

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