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CCP - Templates - Creating a Trigger
CCP - Templates - Creating a Trigger

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Why would I use this guide? - This guide will explain how to set up your template triggers, this decided what gets sent and what is used to send it

1. Admin Centre

Click “Configuration” from the Admin Centre.

2. Configuration Options

From the configuration options menu click “Letters” and then “Triggers

3. Viewing the triggers section

The triggers page allows you to link a template with a specific trigger in order to determine when the template should be used. Any previously created links will be displayed along with the option to change the method and the various filters. Using filters allows you to set the template link to apply only to certain conditions such as specific sales channels or countries.

Scroll down to create a new template link.

4. New Template Link

1. Trigger – Choose the trigger from the drop down menu that you want to link to your template. These triggers are pre-generated for you and point to any of the specific jobs you could want a template to cover. What you choose depends on the nature of the template, so if you are unsure speak to your project manager or our support team for advice.

2. Template – All previously created templates will appear in the drop down menu. Select the one you want to link to.

3. Method – This tells the system what to do with the template at the point of triggering. For example, a template for a dispatch label is mostly likely going to be printed, so the method would be “PrintQueue”, while a template for an invoice to be emailed automatically to customers upon making an order would have the method set to “Email”. Select the method relevant to the template you are linking depending on the desired result.

4. Save Changes – Click here to confirm your selection and save the template link.

Example triggers which can be used;

RetailOrderDispatch - At the point of an order being dispatched

PrintInvoice - At the point of printing an invoice

ProductStockAlert - At the point of a product stock alert being created

ViewCreditNote - At the point of you viewing the credit note against a customer

TradeOrderPicked - At the point of you marking a trade order has picked

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