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Invoice, credit note, proforma invoice, picking list, packing slip, Order confirmation

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Why would I want to use this guide? - This guide will give you a list of pre made templates (Default) which can be used within your CCP system

Example Template Source Code

Below you can find some example templates which can use or edit for your needs.

1. Copy / Paste – Copy the source code from the examples below and paste them into the source code box as shown in step 4.

2. Continue – Click β€œOk” to confirm the entry of your code and continue. You will be taken back to the template description page where an easily editable version of the

template will be shown.

Packing Slip Template

This template is a basic, but well presented packing slip that would typically be printed and packed with an order.

Packing Slip Preview

Pick List Template

This template generates a pick list which could be used for warehouse staff to quickly pick items required for an order, and includes a barcode for easy scanning.

Pick List Preview

Proforma Invoice Template

This template generates a proforma invoice which can be used for trade customers who do not pay upfront.

Proforma Invoice Preview

Returns Slip Template

This template generates a returns slip which is clear and user friendly for customers to explain the issues they are having with the products they are returning so they can be quickly dealt with.

Returns Slip Preview

Basic Invoice Template

This template generates a basic customer invoice which can be used in a variety of ways.

Basic Invoice Preview

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