This guide will show you how to update the tax classes for the Magento account

1. Head into the configuration section

From the main admin centre, you can head into the configuration section where you will find the settings for your email account and the CCP message centre

2. Accessing the Magento account configuration

Once you are in the configuration section, you will see an option for selling. This will present you with a list of sales channels. When Selling has been selected, you will see an option to select the Magento channel

3. Applying a Tax Rate

Once you are in the Magento account screen, you will see an option where you can enter the Magento tax class IDs

You can use this guide to find any IDs -

Once you have the correct IDs, you can enter these against the VAT rates which are needed on your account

Following this, hit the 'save tax rates' option to complete the changes

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