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CCP - Dispatch - Dealing with an unprocessed order
CCP - Dispatch - Dealing with an unprocessed order
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This guide will show you how to map a unprocessed order from the unprocessed order screen. It is worth noting that this guide will only help you deal with an unprocessed which has come in unmapped

1. Head into the unprocessed orders section

From the main admin centre, you can head into the unprocessed orders section where it should show any orders that have failed to come into dispatch

2. Dealing with the order

Once you are in the unprocessed orders screen, you will see information relating to the order which has failed to come in. All you need to do from this screen is click the magnifying glass which will take you through to the mapping screen

3. Mapping the SKU

Within the mapping screen, make sure you look to map the SKU or any SKUs if there are multiples. If you are unsure on how to map, you can use this guide which will go into more detail -

4. Retrying the order

Once you have mapped the listing/listings relating to the order, you can head back into the unprocessed orders section where you will have the option to retry this order. This can be done by pressing the retry order button

Once retried, the order will disappear from the unprocessed orders queue and feed into the dispatch queue where you can deal with it properly.

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