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CCP - Dispatching - Re printing shipping labels
CCP - Dispatching - Re printing shipping labels
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This guide will show you how to re print any shipping labels which have been previously sent to the print queue

1. Head into the print queue section

From the main admin centre, head into the print queue section

2. Viewing, transferring and reprinting a label

Once in the print queue, you will see a list of orders which have previously been dealt with. All you need to do from here is hover over the actions button and you will see three options;

  • View - This will allow you to view what was originally printed

  • Transfer - This option is needed if it wasn't originally printed by the user you are wanting to print from (This is due to the way the print watch is tied to the user that printed it)

  • Re-Print - This option will allow you to reprint the order

From these options, you should be able to deal with the order successfully

(Just be aware that you need to be signed into the same user on both CCP and the print watch application for the reprinted documents to be sent to your printer)

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