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CCP - Warehouse - Printing bay barcodes in bulk
CCP - Warehouse - Printing bay barcodes in bulk
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This guide will show you how to print the barcodes for your warehouse bays in bulk, this is useful if you have lots which you would like to print as opposed to one or two

1. Head into the configuration section

From the main admin centre, click the configuration option in the right top corner. This will take you into the configuration settings

2. Warehouse settings

Once you are in the configuration section, you will notice an option for 'warehouse' on the options tab on the right. When clicking this, head into the 'warehouses' option

This will then show a list of all the warehouses you have set up in CCP

3. Printing the bays in bulk

Now that you are in the warehouse section, select the 'bays' option which will bring up a list of all bays relating to that warehouse

All you need to do from here is hit Ctrl + P on your keyboard and it will bring up the bays in a printed format

Press print to print the bay barcodes

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