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CCP - Listing - Renewing the EKM token
CCP - Listing - Renewing the EKM token
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This guide will show you how to renew your EKM token, this is good practice if you notice an issue with the connection or have changed any credentials on EKM.

1. Head into the configuration section

From the main admin centre, click the configuration option in the right top corner. This will take you into the configuration settings

2. Heading into the EKM channel

Once you are in the configuration section, on the right side you will see an options tab with a dropdown of different sections

Head into Selling > EKM Powershop

3. Getting the token

Finally, once you are in the EKM configuration settings, click the 'get tokens' option

This will then open a window where you can attempt to log into your EKM site

This will then get the correct tokens and update these into CCP

You should then see a new time of when the token will need renewing in the Refresh Token Expires section


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