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CCP - Data - Uploading barcodes in bulk
CCP - Data - Uploading barcodes in bulk
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This guide will allow you to upload a list of barcodes into CCP in bulk to be used when creating products through the Product Wizard.

1. Head into Configuration

From the main admin centre, click the configuration button in the right top corner. This will take you to the configuration settings against your CCP system.

2. Click into the Warehouse Section

Once you are in the configuration settings, click into the warehouse section and select the option which reads Upload Barcodes

3. Uploading the barcodes

When you have clicked into the upload barcodes section, you will see a button which reads Upload Barcodes

Before pressing this button, you must ensure that the data is arranged in one of the formats below;

  • One barcode per line

  • One line with the barcodes separated with ','

  • Multiple lines with the barcodes separated with ','

An example of this would be;







It's worth noting that adding barcodes to the pool are only for you to assign barcodes to product through the wizard and no other way

4. Using the pool of barcodes

Once you have adding the barcodes successfully, these will be saved into the CCP system in a pool which you can then use when creating a product via the product wizard tool, you can use the 'Use Barcodes' option which will pull a barcode from the pool and apply it against an SKU

This is covered in more detail in the guide below;

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