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CCP - Data - Creating a product via the product page (Manually)
CCP - Data - Creating a product via the product page (Manually)
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This guide will show you how to create a product range and also variations within the tool we have in the product section, This method is good if you are wanting to create a few products.

1. Heading into the products page

To create a range, you first need to be in the Products section of your Admin Centre.

2. Adding a range

At the top of the new screen, look for the Add Range option.

An internal window will open to help you name your Product Range.

The Range title shouldn't relate to one product but rather a group of products

3. Applying the correct options to the range

Once you have created a range, you will need to decide which options can be selected against the variations

This is important as often a range/multi listing would differentiate on an option like size

To return to our earlier range examples, your T-shirts would benefit from a Gender option. Your garden bench would not.

To select which options you’ll use, click in the tick box to the left of the Option name.

if you wish to add a new option, you can do so by using the option on the right, create new option/attribute type

The master option is necessary to place the product in its correct part of the database. Any option can be selected as the master option, but there must be a value in this option for every product.

4. Adding your variations

Once the range is created, you will then have the ability to add a variation. This can be done by pressing the 'add variations' option

It will then present you with a product wizard tool where you can look at populating information against the product

You can press the 'create SKU' option which will create an SKU at random if you do not want to input one manually, remember, this must be unique

The 'Use Barcode' option can be used to fetch a barcode from your pool which you would need to do prior to using this function, we have a guide on this if you wish to learn more.

Hit the 'next' option once you are happy with the information filled out and this will present you with the next page of information

5. Multipack or single Item

Multipacks should be used for any listing that contains multiple quantities of a product, or multiple products.

For example, a bundle of 3 pairs of socks or a winter accessory kit containing a pair of gloves, a hat and a scarf.

Multipacks ensure the correct amount of stock is removed when a listing is sold. 1 item of stock is removed when a listing is purchased. If the product is created as a multipack, it will remove the correct amount of stock from the inventory.

6. A summary

A Variation Summary will be generated. if there are any issues with your product listing, they will be noted here.

You will then have the option to finish which will create the product or you can go back and make any amendments by pressing the edit option

Cloud Commerce Pro finishes by reminding you to add your product to the relevant sales channels.

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