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CCP - Q/A - How often does the mapping screen fetch new data?
CCP - Q/A - How often does the mapping screen fetch new data?

This guide will tell you information on when and how often the mapping screen fetches for new listings

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When the mapping screen deals with External channels such as Ebay and Amazon, there is a nightly sync that runs after 8pm. The sync looks to bring in any missing listings and checks for any updated listings

This means that if any new listings have been created after this daily auto fetch has been run, this will not fetch in any new listing until the next days auto fetch is run (within 24hours ).

For example; if the auto fetch runs at at 10pm, a new listing or updated listing was added directly to Ebay or Amazon after the fetch was run, this will not show in the CCP mapping screen until the next following days auto fetch has run.

If you have updated a pre fetched listing and this is in the mapping page, you will need to locate this on the Amazon or Ebay mapping page and unmap the listing > actions on the right > refetch single listing.

This will set off a single fetch back to the channel and re-pull the listing back into the mapping screen with any changes made to the Image, product title or SKU.

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