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CCP - Data - How to update the prices for EPOS
CCP - Data - How to update the prices for EPOS

The EPOS system is the till software setup by CCP within your account. This file will show you how you can easily apply price updates

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1. Admin Centre

From the admin centre in CCP, scroll down and click "Products".

2. Product Ranges

On the Product Ranges page, click "Exports".

3. Exports

We need to create a fresh export spreadsheet to make sure we are working from the most up-to-date information to avoid overwriting any other recent changes. Scroll down the page until you find the Channel Price Export section and click "Export Channel Prices".

You will also find any files previously exported below but always look to get a fresh export as this contains the most recent SKUs

You will have the option to export all prices or just the EPOS channel

4. Updating the file

Once the file has opened, you will notice 4 columns displaying the;

  • Variation SKU

  • Variation Name

  • Listing SKU

  • Listing Name

Following this will be the price field where you can update the price you wish to show on the channel, in this case EPOS

4. Head into the Imports section

Head back to the Products page and click "Imports" to continue.

5. Importing the prices

Now you have updated the prices on your spreadsheet, it is time to upload it back into CCP, so we can import the new prices and push them out to your sales channels. Click "Upload Spreadsheet" and select the relevant file from your device.

When your new spreadsheet has uploaded, be sure to tick the box besides it to tell CCP this is the spreadsheet you want to feed into the system.

7. Running Import Steps

Finally, scroll down the page to find Step 25 which is specifically used for importing prices to sales channels. This ensures that, regardless of whatever else is on that spreadsheet, only the columns related to sales channel prices will be changed. Click "Update Channel Prices" to begin feeding the data into CCP, which will in turn feed out to your sales channels.

Once the update has completed, the screen will display the results along with any errors, so they can be dealt with accordingly.

Sidenote: You do not need to specify what Tax Treatment you are using in this import. It will automatically pull the correct treatments that you have currently set up on your products.

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