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CCP - Dispatch - Multi channel fulfillment (MCF)
CCP - Dispatch - Multi channel fulfillment (MCF)

This guide will show you how to fulfil orders with FBA that wouldn't usually go with FBA

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1. Head into the dispatch queue

From the main admin centre, head into the dispatch queue section

2. Tick the relevant orders in dispatch

Once you are in the dispatch queue, use tick box option against any orders you wish to fulfil with FBA

3. Click the order order fulfilment option

When in the dispatch queue, hover over the actions tab at the top and you will see an option on the right regarding 'order fulfilment'

4. Fulfilling the orders

Once you have clicked into the order fulfilment section, a box will appear with options which you can apply

Make sure you select the correct channel and then the correct type of FBA you wish to fulfil, i.e. whether you wish it to be shipped now or on hold, how much of the order you wish to fulfil and also how quickly you wish for this to be dispatched

Once you are happy, click the confirm option to action the orders

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