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CCP - Listing - Creating a Hybrid listing on a channel
CCP - Listing - Creating a Hybrid listing on a channel

This guide will show you how to create a Hybrid listing within CCP which can then be listed out to external channels

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A hybrid listing is a listing made up of products from different ranges. For example, you may have a range of t-shirts that you are wanting to add shorts to when listing out to a specific channel. A listing containing both the t-shirt and shorts would be a hybrid listing.

1. Admin centre

From the main admin centre, head into the selling section

2. Finding the right channel

Once in the selling section, you will see a number of channels which you can list against

3. Finding the correct SKUs

Once you are in the channel you wish to create a hybrid listing for, use the search tab at the top to search for the one of the SKUs that make up the listing

You can also toggle between then the master option which is usually a category or a brand option. Just be sure to toggle to the excluded section when searching this way as it will show products which have been added to the channel initially

Once you have found a SKU, you will have the option to create a hybrid listing or create a range listing

Press the create a hybrid listing option

4. Creating the Hybrid listing

Once you have clicked the create hybrid listing option, a window will appear where you will have the ability to search for a SKU to add against the listing

Once the products you wish to add are found, click the add selected options

5. Confirming the listing

Once you have added the products successfully, the final stage is to set a price before adding the SKUs against a channel. Once you are happy with the prices displayed, click the save option

The hybrid listing will then add against the channel where you will be left with using the main listing editor to push this out

The guides on listing past this stage can be found here - (Will input link once the guides have been update for Amazon and eBay)

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