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CCP - Q/A - What to do if woo commerce orders are not feeding in?
CCP - Q/A - What to do if woo commerce orders are not feeding in?

This Q/A guide will explain what to do if you are missing an order from the woo commerce channel

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Woo Commerce is an external website platform which can be integrated into CCP to allow orders to feed in, stock updates to be pushed out and also listings to be added/edited/removed.

What can I do if my order hasn't fed into cloud commerce correctly? - If your order is missing from the CCP system, this is often down to the status of the order in woo commerce externally. CCP only looks to import orders which are paid and marked as 'processing'

If your data has proceeded past this part and you are still missing an order, you can tweak the setting back to 'processing' which should force the order back in

It is worth noting that this will only solve the issue 95% of the time. It could be something unrelated, if this does not solve the issue, please speak with a member of the support team who can investigate this further for you

check BOTH account & channel is enabled following this as the account will not enable itself automatically before testing

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