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CCP - Data - How to set up a season
CCP - Data - How to set up a season
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A season usually refers to the period during each year when a particular activity or event takes place. This can mean the type of products you wish to sell at a certain time

1. Admin Centre

From the main admin centre, head into the seasons section

2. Adding a season

Once you are in the season section, you will notice an option for 'new season'

Pressing this option will allow you to create a new season

Once you have pressed this option, a window will appear where you can enter information relating to the season. The information needed is;

  • Description - Name or description of the season

  • Last Order date - The last date which customers can order the season by

  • Def despatch date - The last date which relate to the season will be dispatched

  • Expected Delivery - when you expect the products to be delivered

  • Allocate - If you wish to allocate stock or not

Press save to confirm

3. Applying products against the season

Once you have pressed the save option, it will give you the ability to add products against the range.

You can either add all ranges to this season, or add specific ranges by clicking into range options below

The final option you have is 'deleting' an season. this can be done by pressing the delete season option

When adding products, it is important to know that you can set the products at different prices to what they usually are

These seasons will then be viewable when placing orders via the customer section

To get to this section, please follow the steps below;

  • Click into the my customer section

  • Find the customer you wish to apply the season for

  • Select the season from the dropdown

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