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CCP - Part Allocation of Invoices
CCP - Part Allocation of Invoices

This guide will help you with any issues arising from part allocation of invoices.

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The allocations screen can be found by navigating to the customers page and going into the customer record. The accounts section for the customer can found at the top right and the middle.

Any outstanding allocations can be found by clicking "Allocate"

If you are part allocating an invoice and after entering the value, the payment doesn't allocate. You simply need to highlight the non-allocated payment and click 'apply full' on the outstanding invoice shown below.

You then need to edit the value to the required amount and click 'confirm allocations'.

Now click 'yes'

As you can see the amount has reduced by the required amount

If you experience any further issues after reading this guide, please contact the support team who will be happy to assist.

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