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CG - Sorting the Products Table & Saving a Default Page View
CG - Sorting the Products Table & Saving a Default Page View

Find out about arranging your products with our new Sort feature

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We are very pleased to announce that we have started releasing updates to the Products page, which will enable you to apply an alpha-numerical sort to the most commonly requested Product Table Columns.

This will now allow you to apply a Sort to any of the following columns within the Products table:

Products fields:

  • SKU

  • Name

Details tab:

  • Weight

  • Cost Price

  • HS Tariff Number

  • Country of Manufacture

Applying a Sort to a Column

All sortable columns will display a double arrow icon to the right of the Column Name:

1. Clicking the Column Header that you want to sort once will apply an ascending alpha-numeric sort (1-100 / A-Z) to your chosen column contents and the arrow direction will change to reflect the current sort applied:

2. Clicking the Column Header twice will apply a descending alpha-numeric (Z-A / 100-1) sort to the content of the specified column and the arrow direction will change to reflect the current sort applied:

3. Clicking the Column Header a third time will revert the column contents back to the original order and the sort icon will revert back to the double arrow display:

Saving the Current Sort as your Default Page View

If you wish for your newly applied sort to become the default sort applied every time you access your Products page, you will find a new button at the bottom of your Products page, to Save Current Sort:

1. Click Save Current Sort and you will then be offered the option to choose whether you wish for the new default sort to be saved as the default page view for only the Current User profile (ie. you) OR for All Users on your ChannelGrabber account:

2. Select which option you prefer, and then click the Save button to apply this change, or click Cancel to return to the Products page without applying any changes.

3. Once saved, your Products table will always load in your preferred sort order from now on, until such time as a new default sort is saved.

Important Note

The Default Page View saved will also include the number of products per page you have selected, so if you would like more of your products displayed per page by default, you can also set this as part of the Default Page View preference, alongside your favorite sort!

More Sort Features Coming Soon!

We are still working on adding more options to the new Sort feature, so in addition to the above, we will also be adding the sort option to the following columns soon:

Products fields:

  • Available (Quantity)

Stock tab:

  • Awaiting Dispatch

  • Stock on Order

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