CG - Adding Shipping Carriers

Learn how to connect to your couriers to process shipping labels

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Linking your shipping carrier with OrderHub is another way to save huge amounts of time each day. Forget typing customer addresses into your carriers website - OrderHub can do it for you.


Why would you want to do this?

  • Prevent human error when typing out customer addresses into your shipping carriers booking portal

  • Save time by creating & printing shipping labels in bulk with a few clicks

  • Integrate your shipping labels with your invoice so you don’t have to match them up later


How to Add your Shipping Carrier

  1. Navigate to Settings > Channel Management > Shipping Channels

  2. Select the shipping carrier you want to add from the drop down in the top right hand corner then click the Add button:

3. This will open a page with specific instructions for how to connect your chosen courier, so please continue to follow the instructions on this page to complete the integration with your shipping carrier.

At this time the couriers that we integrate with are:

DPD Local
DHL Express
Hermes (Corporate)
Royal Mail OBA
UK Mail

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